My Packaging Tool – Electron App

Purpose of the app Quickly pull delta files based on git commit and fetch to destination folder Pre-requisite Git is installed and added to variable path Proper git branching mechanism No rubbish in Git repository How it works? 1/ Run the application2/ Select– Destination Folder: Destination for all delta files– Repository Folder: Source folder ofContinue reading “My Packaging Tool – Electron App”

My Idea to LouHei.Sg

Few weeks ago, got to know the Ox Year (2021) will be a mask on and no shouting louhei / yusheng / lou sang celebration with friends and family due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Surely everyone will miss the louhei tossing plus shouting Huat Ah with their beloved friends and family. My mind was thinking, whyContinue reading “My Idea to LouHei.Sg”