EF Core DbContext Connection / Query issue

Was working on .NET Core application using Entity Framework Core as ORM to database. The application consists of multiple DbContext, public / authorized RESTful API with JWT token authentication. The request & response flow as below: Request –> JWT Middleware to grab user object –> Authorization Filter to stop multiple login -> Touch Controller ->Continue reading “EF Core DbContext Connection / Query issue”

Sitefinity Field Migration

Background Story We have setup a content type with PostalCode in Number type.Number in layman term means 0 ~ 9, however it is different in coding / Sitefinity; it means a decimal type in database column which is not logical to start with 0. Therefore, when user create a new content, they could not enterContinue reading “Sitefinity Field Migration”

Sitefinity Custom 2FA Authentication

Idea in general: 1/ Create a new user in Sitefinity2/ User receive QR code and setup in Authenticator3/ User login with username & password -> Prompt for 2FA code4/ Login Successful! Sample Code: hawjeh/Sitefinity2fa (github.com) Steps: 1/ Go to /Sitefinity/Administration/ProfileTypes -> Basic ProfileAdd a custom field – AuthCode (ShortText) in user profile 2/ Create aContinue reading “Sitefinity Custom 2FA Authentication”

Sitefinity Integration with Azure AD / Open ID

Azure AD Setup 1/ Go to you Azure Active Directory → App Registrations → New Registration 2/ Give a name to the application, you can leave the Redirect URI as blank now. Then click Register. 3/ Go to Authentication Tab → Add a platform → Web 4/ Redirect URIs: http://<Sitefinity Instance>/Sitefinity/Authenticate/OpenID/signin-custom 5/ Select the tokensContinue reading “Sitefinity Integration with Azure AD / Open ID”

Sitefinity Classic Editor DateTime format

Issues1/ Content Edit Page – Show mm/dd/yyyy 2/ Content Listing Page – Show unknown (AM / PM) time What I did to resolve it? 1/ Add a new ViewMap Control Advanced Settings → Controls → ViewMap → <Create new>HostType: Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Fields.DateField, Telerik.SitefinityLayout: ~/Utils/Extensions/DateFieldExtended.ascx Sample: DateFieldExtended.ascx (github.com) 2/ Update Content Type Listing DateTime Format Advanced Setting →Continue reading “Sitefinity Classic Editor DateTime format”

Sitefinity Code to Configure Page Title

What we want to achieve? – To modify the Page Title to “ABC Inc | <Page_Title>” on the fly How to achieve in Webform Template?1/ Make sure the HTML Template has included the <title> tag2/ Add an HTML id to the <title> tag3/ Webform Template:Add the title tag with id attribute: Update page title atContinue reading “Sitefinity Code to Configure Page Title”

Sitefinity Content Security Policy Setting

There is an option to update CSP rule in backend dashboard setting from Sitefinity v11 onwards, under/Sitefinity/Administration/Settings/Basic/WebSecurityBasicSettings Please avoid remove the default CSP rule as it has high chance you will break Sitefinity frontend / backend unwillingly. Example front-end broken: Example back-end broken: How to fix it? Download this zip and amend the script (toContinue reading “Sitefinity Content Security Policy Setting”

Sitefinity – Investigate Schedule Task

Intro Scheduled tasks in Sitefinity CMS are objects that can execute a predefined set of operation at a particular point in time. You can use scheduled task… (read from reference..) Expected Workflow Schedule a task during application start Trigger ExecuteTask() Run ScheduleTask() Repeat 2-3 Schedule Task Code There are two important method, ExecuteTask() -> ItContinue reading “Sitefinity – Investigate Schedule Task”