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EF Core DbContext Connection / Query issue

Was working on .NET Core application using Entity Framework Core as ORM to database. The application consists of multiple DbContext, public / authorized RESTful API with JWT token authentication. The request & response flow as below: Request –> JWT Middleware to grab user object –> Authorization Filter to stop multiple login -> Touch Controller ->…

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My Packaging Tool – Electron App

Purpose of the app Quickly pull delta files based on git commit and fetch to destination folder Pre-requisite Git is installed and added to variable path Proper git branching mechanism No rubbish in Git repository How it works? 1/ Run the application2/ Select– Destination Folder: Destination for all delta files– Repository Folder: Source folder of…

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Sitefinity Field Migration

Background Story We have setup a content type with PostalCode in Number type.Number in layman term means 0 ~ 9, however it is different in coding / Sitefinity; it means a decimal type in database column which is not logical to start with 0. Therefore, when user create a new content, they could not enter…

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Sitefinity Custom 2FA Authentication

Idea in general: 1/ Create a new user in Sitefinity2/ User receive QR code and setup in Authenticator3/ User login with username & password -> Prompt for 2FA code4/ Login Successful! Sample Code: hawjeh/Sitefinity2fa ( Steps: 1/ Go to /Sitefinity/Administration/ProfileTypes -> Basic ProfileAdd a custom field – AuthCode (ShortText) in user profile 2/ Create a…

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My Idea to LouHei.Sg

Few weeks ago, got to know the Ox Year (2021) will be a mask on and no shouting louhei / yusheng / lou sang celebration with friends and family due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Surely everyone will miss the louhei tossing plus shouting Huat Ah with their beloved friends and family. My mind was thinking, why…

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Sitefinity Integration with Azure AD / Open ID

Azure AD Setup 1/ Go to you Azure Active Directory → App Registrations → New Registration 2/ Give a name to the application, you can leave the Redirect URI as blank now. Then click Register. 3/ Go to Authentication Tab → Add a platform → Web 4/ Redirect URIs: http://<Sitefinity Instance>/Sitefinity/Authenticate/OpenID/signin-custom 5/ Select the tokens…

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Sitefinity Classic Editor DateTime format

Issues1/ Content Edit Page – Show mm/dd/yyyy 2/ Content Listing Page – Show unknown (AM / PM) time What I did to resolve it? 1/ Add a new ViewMap Control Advanced Settings → Controls → ViewMap → <Create new>HostType: Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Fields.DateField, Telerik.SitefinityLayout: ~/Utils/Extensions/DateFieldExtended.ascx Sample: DateFieldExtended.ascx ( 2/ Update Content Type Listing DateTime Format Advanced Setting →…

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Sitefinity Code to Configure Page Title

What we want to achieve? – To modify the Page Title to “ABC Inc | <Page_Title>” on the fly How to achieve in Webform Template?1/ Make sure the HTML Template has included the <title> tag2/ Add an HTML id to the <title> tag3/ Webform Template:Add the title tag with id attribute: Update page title at…

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Sitefinity Content Security Policy Setting

There is an option to update CSP rule in backend dashboard setting from Sitefinity v11 onwards, under/Sitefinity/Administration/Settings/Basic/WebSecurityBasicSettings Please avoid remove the default CSP rule as it has high chance you will break Sitefinity frontend / backend unwillingly. Example front-end broken: Example back-end broken: How to fix it? Download this zip and amend the script (to…

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