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Sitefinity Content Security Policy Setting

There is an option to update CSP rule in backend dashboard setting from Sitefinity v11 onwards, under/Sitefinity/Administration/Settings/Basic/WebSecurityBasicSettings Please avoid remove the default CSP rule as it has high chance you will break Sitefinity frontend / backend unwillingly. Example front-end broken: Example back-end broken: How to fix it? Related article:

Sitefinity – Investigate Schedule Task

Intro Scheduled tasks in Sitefinity CMS are objects that can execute a predefined set of operation at a particular point in time. You can use scheduled task… (read from reference..) Expected Workflow Schedule a task during application start Trigger ExecuteTask() Run ScheduleTask() Repeat 2-3 Schedule Task Code There are two important method, ExecuteTask() -> ItContinue reading “Sitefinity – Investigate Schedule Task”

Sitefinity – Best Practices When Implementing Custom MVC Widgets

In this sample, I have implemented IContentLocatableView IHasCacheDependency (SubscribeCacheDependency) HandleUnknownAction ContentBaseController and ContentModelBase  It has the main functionality for constructing all the out-of-the-box SEO properties, supporting listing and detail pages. When this class is implemented, you will be able to call the InitializeMetadataDetailsViewBag method, pass in it the item that is currently being displayed and based on theContinue reading “Sitefinity – Best Practices When Implementing Custom MVC Widgets”

My TFS CICD setup for Sitefinity Project – Part 1

Important notes Only include files and deploy to solution Project should be using nuget feed Project should have have Debug and Release mode Project Structure /<root>/Nuget.config/DemoServer /DataConfig.config /Sitefinity.lic/packages /<nuget packages>/SitefinityWebApp /<sitefinity related files> /bin /Properties/PublishProfiles/PublishProfile.pubxml /SitefinityWebApp.csproj Setting DemoServer Folder DataConfig.config – include ConnectionString of database server Sitefinity.lic SitefinityWebApp Release mode setting DebugType: None Optimize: TrueContinue reading “My TFS CICD setup for Sitefinity Project – Part 1”

Play around with Sitefinity SEO Setting

My testing Sitefinity version: V11.1 Open graph Setting Setting → Advanced → System → SEO and OpenGraph Must enable both SEO and Open Graph Properties Site Name Setting Setting → Advanced → Project → DefaultSite Customize Name for the site Page Setting Pre-requisite: Create a CustomField: Image for social media (OpenGraphImage) Result Result Mapping 1Continue reading “Play around with Sitefinity SEO Setting”


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