My TFS CICD setup for Sitefinity Project – Part 3

Link to Part 2

Important Notes

  • Planning before execution
  • Clearly understand each command / argument
  • Must confirm input path are correct (no turn back if CD server erase all files)


1. Developer push code to TFS and it will send signal to CI server if it is a watching branch (in our case the branch is develop-int).

2. CI server will carry on tasks, continue every next task when current task has no error. Finally, it will publish an artifact that is ready for CD server.

3. CI server will trigger CD to start working and finally deploy the published artifacts if everything go smooth.

Create a Deployment Group

1. Create a Deployment Group

2. Run script at deploy server

My CD Pipeline Setting

1. Create a new release template with “IIS Website and SQL Database Deployment”

2. Add an artifact
– Source Type: Build
– Default version: Latest from specific branch

3. Add a trigger for artifact
– Enable: true
– Build branch: master

4. Add a trigger for environment
– Artifact filters: Enable
– Add: Sitefinity Demo, master branch

5. Edit Deployment Group phase
– Select Deployment Group

6. Update IIS Web App Manage
– Configuration Type: IIS Website
– Action: Create Or Update
– Website name: SitefinityDemo
– Add Binding: port:80
– Physical Path: %SystemDrive%\inetpub\wwwroot\SitefinityDemo
– … (have proper Website setting)

7. Edit IIS Web App Deploy
– Select Package or Folder: $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/Sitefinity Demo/drop
– Remove Additional Files at Destination: true
– Take App Offline: true

8. Add a inline PowerShell Script
– Arguments: “IIS_IUSRS” “$env:SystemDrive\inetpub\wwwroot\SitefinityDemo”
– Inline Script:

$user = $args[0]
$path = $args[1]  
$acl = Get-Acl $path
$c = "FullControl"
$i = "ContainerInherit,ObjectInherit"
$n = "None"
$a = "Allow"
$ar = New-Object$user,$c, $i, $n, $a)  
Set-Acl $path $acl

9. And you are done!


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