App Initialization upon App Poll Recycle

To spin up application (initialize) earlier than first visitor

App Pool pre-setup

Advanced Setting

  • Start Mode: AlwaysRunning
  • Idle Time-out (minutes): 0

Recycling Setting

  • Fixed Interval: <To set at odd timing>

Website pre-setup

Advanced Setting

  • Preload Enabled: True

Step to configure Application Initialization

1. Make sure IIS Feature Application Initialization is installed in the machine

2. Go to your Web site in IIS > Management > Configuration Editor

3. Navigate to section: system.webServer/applicationInitialization and do setting below

  • (Collection): add a new record
    • hostName: Site URL (demo.local)
    • initializationPage: Path to a page (/home)
  • doAppInitAfterRestart: True
  • remapManagedREquestsTo to a static HTML (Optional)

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